1) Prioritize Anaerobic (strength training) over Aerobic (cardio) exercise

2) Utilize Compound Lifts with Short (10-60 second) Rest Intervals

-Try super-setting antagonistic, or opposing muscles. I.E. An upper body horizontal push exercise with an upper body horizontal pull —>DB Inc Chest press with a 3-point Bent Over Row
. Or a Hamstring dominant with a Quad dominant exercise —>Romanian Deadlift with a Reverse Lunge.

3) Use a Longer Rep-Tempo to increase EPOC (excess post-exercise oxygen consumption)

– Try a rep using a 4 second eccentric, or weight lowering and a 1 second concentric or weight lifting tempo

4) Don’t Just Train at One Rep Range

– Yes higher reps may “burn” more calories, but low heavy reps also tell your body to keep it’s muscle when you’re in a calorie deficit.
-Try different types of periodization —> Look into Conjugated and Undulating Periodization

5) Plan Your Workout Ahead of Time, Stick to Them, And Always Seek to Make Improvements.

– Don’t walk into the gym without a plan. Most people, when left up to do what they “feel like” doing, will not accomplish nearly as much as when they strive for an intended outcome, a certain exercise with a certain weight at a certain number of sets and reps.
Each time you go to the gym you should seek to improve on SOMETHING- whether it’s the weight you lift, doing more reps, extending the rep tempo, decreasing rest time etc.