If you haven’t added regular sauna use to your performance, longevity, and health optimization protocal – you may want to strongly consider!

Heat exposure is another ‘hormetic stressure’ to the body, similar to exercise where an external stressor is forcing the body to create a host of beneficial adaptations.

A lot of mechanisms in the body work this way.

Draw the parralell with germ exposure. Do our immune systems become strong when we completely avoid exposure to germs, bacteria, and virus? Or do we build a kick ass immune system when we frequently expose ourselves to moderate amounts of them on a regular basis?
(Answer: Let your kids play in the dirt)

This exposure elicits mild hyperthermia – an increase in the body’s core temperature.

This causes a response involving neuroendocrine, cardiovascular, and cytoprotective mechanisms that work together to condition the body for future heat stressors and make the body pretty resilient in doing so!

Don’t let the science mumbo jumbo confuse you, each ‘improvement’ listed is correlated with a host of positive outcomes.

Sauna protocol tends to suggest 20 minutes @ 180 degrees Fahrenheit.